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March 31, 2011

SVPPLY: Click Here

Specializing in slum look (coined phrase) attire, conversation pieces, and all around freshness – This website makes us giddy.


March 31, 2011

“That’s a beautiful smile you have there young lady.”

An elderly bellhop made my morning by smiling widely in my face and delivering this charming compliment.

We probably don’t realize just how much a smile can affect our mood and people around us.   Top 10 “scientific” reasons to smile more according to :


March 30, 2011

“I salt and pepper my mango.”

Yum – can’t wait for summertime.

March 30, 2011

Jenna Wortham: Birds Like !!!

Introducing Jenna Wortham – NYTimes tech reporter/self-proclaimed nerd/overall cool bird (and she’s cute too).  You can follow her witty/informative/wtf?! tweets @jennydeluxe and NYTimes Bits Blog entries.

March 30, 2011


Bergen meets Portland tonight @Rock & Roll Hotel.  How is this show not sold out?

STRFKR – Bury Us Alive

Casiokids – Finnbikkjen

March 29, 2011

Mayounah: Manicured Hands on Deck

Mayan Fawaz, aka Mayounah, is a Cairo-based tech house/nudisco DJ who is not afraid to think a bit bigger.  The fact that she is one of the only female dj’s to ever grace the decks in Egypt is just the beginning.

You can hear her original set “Not what you expect from a girl” here:

Curious about what else is happening in the Cairo music scene?  Hear it from Mayounah herself at


March 29, 2011

“been breathing so hard we both could use the oxygen”

I can’t turn it off.

Frank Ocean – Nature Feels

March 29, 2011

Frank Ocean: Music We !!!

Not exactly what you would expect from an OFWGKTA artist…thanks to Massaër for leading us to the mixtape Nostalgia Ultra

In love.

March 29, 2011

Misplaced Hopes

The future is not what it used to be

March 29, 2011

“This is a cube? Oh hell no.”

March 29, 2011

Egyptian Cobra on the Loose.

In case the current unrest in the Middle East isn’t enough to make you nervous, how about this to spice things up from all the way out in the Bronx:

March 28, 2011

jj: Music We !!!

When Swedes sample hip hop.  Love it?  Download the complete mixtape Kills here:

March 28, 2011

“I used to recruit dope heads on your block”

March 28, 2011

“If he becomes gay when he is drunk, then he is gay.”

Interesting.  Thanks for enlightening us big sis!

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March 27, 2011

Yué Wu: Guys We’d !!!

Wu Yué, known by friends as Nyno, is an exceptionally talented Paris-based freelance artist, sheesha addict, and dear friend.   Check out his work here:

March 27, 2011

Sweet Leaf Tea. Delicious mixer and picker-upper. #win

March 27, 2011

Holger: Music We !!!

The summer soundscape wouldn’t be complete without this album. We got an early start at DC’s Sofar party and SXSW. Braazeeewwww!!!

Holger- Eagle

Holger – Let’em Shine Below

March 27, 2011

Can I have your number? Can I have it?

Although unsuccessful, these lines have been amusing…

“Hey Chocolate can I be your bodyguard tonight?”

“Oh girl I love that hair.  Can I get a slice of it, like a slice of pizza?”

“Look at you…looking all cute like Pocahontas n shit”

March 26, 2011

“You just want to play with his hair, right?”

Even though it may be true it does not give you the license to say it out loud.  #blushing #haters

March 26, 2011

Yuna Zarai: Birds Like !!!

Fader Fort by Fiat at SXSW was amazing. It definitely re-opened our eyes to how !!! Fader is. While trolling the Fader website we came across this-  Fader label’s most recent artist, singer/songwriter Yuna. There are so many reasons we think this is so cool, but we’ll let you decide for yourself.

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