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July 27, 2011

Missing Snail Mail

Just got a postcard from a dear friend in Seattle, and almost forgot how good it feels to receive (and send) letters in the post.  Jens Lekman would appreciate the sentiment.

Jens Lekman – A Postcard to Nina (Live in Bloomington, Indiana)



July 26, 2011

Soldered to Perfection: The Lama Hourani Collection

If you should happen to be in Amman, don’t miss the chance to stop into the Foresight Art Gallery , the workshop and main showroom of the wildly talented jewelry designer, Lama Hourani.  I had the pleasure of visiting the gallery shortly after it opened in 2004, and was instantly overwhelmed by the desire to take everything on display home with me.  We guarantee that you will be as taken as we were by the originality of her pieces, which are as funky as they are classic.  Today, Lama’s work is being showcased all over the world, and her main source of inspiration for her wearable art remains rooted in the rich history, geology, and culture of her native Jordan.

Check out her art-to-wear for both women and men here.

July 24, 2011

The Quintessential Cover Band

WHO: Nouvelle Vague.

WHAT:  Versatile musical collective from France, specializing in resurrecting the classics (and not-so-classics).

WHY:  Because if you are going to do a cover, it just sounds better with an accent.

July 21, 2011

Go With The Flux

Amidst the repaired jewelry, carelessly hung clothes and screen print t-shirts, it’s quite rare to find a vendor at the Brooklyn Flea market with impressive craftsmanship.  For this reason, Flux Productions stands out. Their expertly hand crafted bags made out of cork, leather, and felt look out of place (in a good way) and they lend much needed credibility to the Brooklyn flea. Check out the rest of the collection here.

July 20, 2011

Is it better to say nothing than say something wrong?

The Whitest Boy Alive – Intentions

July 18, 2011

Art That !!!: Word to Mother

Street art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this kid from Hackney is worth slowing down for.  We were first introduced to Word to Mother’s work in 2008 at the StolenSpace Gallery off of Brick Lane in East London, where much to our surprise, most of the pieces on display already had a red sticker.  WTM’s approach to his creations is entirely organic:

“I like to use things that have already existed as something else. I like the idea of objects having a past and then re-using them. Taking things that have been discarded by someone, seen as useless and then taking it home and turning it into a painting. For me, a lot of the wood and metal panels I find are beautiful without anything on them, so I try to retain as much of the original texture and colour of the object as possible”.

July 14, 2011

“I’d love him till the very end but instead he is just a friend.”

This album is perhaps THE soundtrack to a road trip to Malibu (mounted surfboards and all).

Best Coast – Boyfriend

Best Coast – When I’m With You

July 8, 2011

Boxing Kitten – Ethnic Rockability

Maya Lake is the brilliant woman behind the Boxing Kitten brand.  The self-taught designer started contributing to the fashion scene with her playful prints and vintage inspired silhouettes a few years ago and has already managed to attract highly visible clients such as Beyonce, Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys.  She describes Boxing Kitten designs as ‘ethinic rockability’.  If you want to add both vim and sophistication to your wardrobe head over to the Boxing Kitten site and start shopping. They’re offering 20% off this weekend to celebrate the life of their 2011 Spring/Summer muse, Tura Satana. Use promo code ‘happybirthday’ at checkout for the discount

July 7, 2011

What’s been playing today

Brainwave entrainment.

Chinese Man Records – 7th Street


July 5, 2011

Doused in mud, soaked in bleach

We love these Nirvana covers