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April 24, 2011

Lucidreamers First Mensiversary Mixtape !!!

We just turned 1 month and we’re excited about what we’ve created thus far and what we have in our pockets for the future. As a gift to all our supporters, we decided to re-work and re-release the Who’s Afraid of Beirut? (WAOB) Lucidreamers Guest Edition mixtape. The mixtape (original and re-worked version) is the love child of all the  fun we had at SXSW 2011.  Click on the image above to download.

April 19, 2011

“Mama this surely is a dream.”

So much nostalgia from the 1990’s, it is a bit overwhelming.  Heard this on the radio recently and was taken back to the days of daydreaming in 5th period social studies.

We definitely missed the memo that Marcy Playground is actually on tour , making a stop at SXSW last month.  Not sure what to make of the comeback, but we won’t be forgetting this dandelion teenage dream anytime soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
April 13, 2011

Spoek Mathambo: Guys We’d !!!

Nthato James Monde Mokgata, better known as Spoek Mathambo (pronounced “spook”), is the self-aware South-African rapper, dj (H.I.V.I.P), and graphic artist that has caught and held our attention.  It is refreshing when an artist – especially a young one – can surprise you not only with their talent but with their thoughts.

Catch him touring Europe this month with another Lucidreamers favourite, Rainbow Arabia:

We are anxiously awaiting East-coast tour dates…

April 8, 2011

Triangle Circle Triangle Square: Pronounced Love

April 6, 2011

“He’s arguably the best looking rapper in the industry.”

LOL: Effortlessly tall and good-looking

LD: He really is

LD: I’m sad we didn’t fall in love

LD: I guess it wasn’t meant to be

LOL:  Yeah.

April 1, 2011

“The only 3rd grader in the school with a beeper.”

The Cool Kids killed it at Fader Fort.  New music to look forward to.  Chicago love!

The Cool Kids – Bundle Up

March 30, 2011


Bergen meets Portland tonight @Rock & Roll Hotel.  How is this show not sold out?

STRFKR – Bury Us Alive

Casiokids – Finnbikkjen

March 29, 2011

“been breathing so hard we both could use the oxygen”

I can’t turn it off.

Frank Ocean – Nature Feels

March 29, 2011

Frank Ocean: Music We !!!

Not exactly what you would expect from an OFWGKTA artist…thanks to Massaër for leading us to the mixtape Nostalgia Ultra

In love.

March 29, 2011

“This is a cube? Oh hell no.”

March 28, 2011

“If he becomes gay when he is drunk, then he is gay.”

Interesting.  Thanks for enlightening us big sis!

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March 27, 2011

Sweet Leaf Tea. Delicious mixer and picker-upper. #win

March 27, 2011

Holger: Music We !!!

The summer soundscape wouldn’t be complete without this album. We got an early start at DC’s Sofar party and SXSW. Braazeeewwww!!!

Holger- Eagle

Holger – Let’em Shine Below

March 26, 2011

“You just want to play with his hair, right?”

Even though it may be true it does not give you the license to say it out loud.  #blushing #haters

March 26, 2011

Yuna Zarai: Birds Like !!!

Fader Fort by Fiat at SXSW was amazing. It definitely re-opened our eyes to how !!! Fader is. While trolling the Fader website we came across this-  Fader label’s most recent artist, singer/songwriter Yuna. There are so many reasons we think this is so cool, but we’ll let you decide for yourself.

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March 25, 2011

Spoek Mathambo: Music We !!!

Mshini Wam

War on Words

March 24, 2011

Cloudeater: Music We !!!

Lucidreamers ❤ Cloudeater


March 24, 2011

The Lunch Break: Music We !!!

LOL: These guys ate my pizza

LD: Who?!!

LOL: I don’t know… they said their name was the lunch break or something. I wasn’t that hungry anyway…

A few hours later…

March 24, 2011

SXSW Withdrawal

Back from Austin, and just not ready to get back into the daily grind. Stay tuned for our most memorable moments…